About Maven Way


Maven Way exists to help lessen the impact of the apparel industry on the environment. We aim to bring visibility to brands that are already creating products sustainably. To enable women who want to make better purchases to do so without spending hours researching on their own.


The path towards a more sustainable fashion industry is constantly evolving. We are committed to continuously improving to offer you the latest in sustainable fashion. We avoid chasing trends and instead offer classic pieces from trusted brands that can be worn year after year.



Sustainable fashion is anything that helps lessen the impact of the clothing industry on the environment. From better fabrics, to improved working conditions & fair wages for employees, less water or harmful chemicals used in production, or designing clothes to be reused. Any improvement along the value chain can have a positive impact.

At Maven Way, we check that each item we offer meets the following standards to ensure we are offering you clothing that delivers on our promise for sustainable and ethical clothing.

Sustainability Guidelines:

  • No virgin polyester, nylon, or acrylic is used in the clothing

    • Fossil fuels such as coal and petroleum are commonly used to create these plastic materials making them unsustainable. Additionally, fabrics made from plastic materials will release microplastics each time they are washed resulting in polluting the waterways and ending up in the fish we eat. 
  • Less than 10% of spandex is used in any fabric.
    • Spandex is a synthetic material similar to polyester, nylon, and acrylic so the same issue of microplastics arises when washing clothing with spandex. Unfortunately, spandex is the most commonly used material that gives clothing that amazing stretch we all love. Alternatives are being developed but are not yet widely used.
  • No rayon or uncertified bamboo is used in the clothing
    • Rayon is a fabric created from grinding and soaking wood pulp to then be woven into a fabric. Which does result in a more natural fabric than polyester or other synthetics but unfortunately, the chemicals used during the processing are harmful to the environment. These chemicals are commonly not reused and instead dumped into the environment causing pollution. However, there are closed loop systems, such as Lenzing, that reuse the chemicals making the process much better. Which is why if we do offer bamboo we look for Lenzing certified or OEKO-TEX 100 certifications to ensure the material was made using a more sustainable process.
  • Minimal use of blended materials
    • Blended materials, like 70% cotton and 30% rPET or any other combinations, make it more difficult to recycle due to the chemical process needed to break down the two materials after they’re combined into fabric. However, our hope is that after you’re done using a clothing item it will be reworn or reused in the secondhand market before it needs to be recycled. For more how to properly dispose of clothing, check out our blog post here.
  • Clothes only come from brands that openly discuss their use of ethical manufacturing practices.
    • We dig into each brand we offer to make sure they are open and honest about how and where their clothes are made. Most brands we research openly discuss their manufacturing on their website making it easy to confirm. We then cross check with rating websites such as Good on You or other existing lists of sustainable brands. Third party certifications such as FairTrade, OEKO-TEX, GOT Organic, and others are also things we look for when checking that a brand is operating ethically and sustainably. 
  • Offering more classic styles instead of trendy clothing pieces
    • Classic clothing items that can be worn year after year make the clothing purchase more sustainable as opposed to trendy items that may only be worn for a season. At Maven Way, we strive to offer classic pieces that you will love wearing for years to come.

Empowering Women

Empowering you to make better purchases and confidently tackle your day by providing you great work styles. You’ve got more important things on your mind, finding clothes shouldn’t be one of them. We’re feminists because women’s rights are human rights and the right outfit never hurts while you’re shattering that glass ceiling.