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Erika Rodriguez of Nadi Marketing

This Maven Profile features Erika Rodriguez founder of Nadi Marketing. Nadi Marketing is a marketing agency aimed at helping businesses who want to keep sustainability at their core. So let's dive in and learn a bit more about Erika and Nadi Marketing.

Tell us about your background - who is Erika?

I’m a daughter, sister, aunt, first-generation professional, Rotaractor, and now an eco-business owner.

Erika Rodriguez Nadi Marketing

Tell us about Nadi Marketing and what led you to start it?

Nadi Marketing is an eco-conscious marketing agency helping small to medium-sized businesses make a lasting impact. The boutique agency specializes in social impact strategies, strategic partnerships, and content creation. We are in business to make a difference and provide support for mission-driven enterprises. I started the company after being laid-off in February 2020, right before Covid-19. I’m looking to stay here for the long-run to build a community of eco-conscious businesses and ecopreneurs.

What experiences within your career and background have helped make Nadi Marketing successful?

My background was being born and raised in the restaurant business. My parents owned a Mexican restaurant from when I was born until I was 18 years old. I grew up working hard and learned at a young age, customers come first. Fast forward to my marketing career, I purposely worked for mission-driven businesses as I wanted my work to be meaningful. My marketing lens and work ethic are unique compared to most people. I am a problem solver and work hard to bring my clients results.

How has COVID impacted your business?

I started Nadi Marketing during Covid-19, and it’s honestly been a rollercoaster. I’ve been able to onboard some clients that didn’t have a strong web presence, and at the same time, I’ve lost clients due to marketing budget cuts. It’s been a mix, but I’m confident that I’ll be able to keep growing Nadi Marketing during the pandemic.

What got you interested in sustainability in general?

During college, I was involved in Rotaract, a community partner of Rotary International, who introduced me to volunteering with environmental nonprofits. From the pure beach and river cleanups, I began to think about waste on a global scale. However, during my time studying abroad, I experienced firsthand a tropical cyclone, and that was the turning point in my life to think all about sustainability.

What got you interested in sustainable fashion?

My personal journey to reducing my plastic consumption made it clear that buying reusable items is good for the planet and good for my wallet. I took this same concept with my wardrobe, and after college, I started purchasing with the mindset of quality over quantity. 

What has been the most helpful for your sustainable fashion journey? Any tips you can provide?

With sustainable fashion, I have a few tips that have helped me become more purposeful and save money in the long run. Think of your clothes as a financial investment, why purchase clothes that will only last you a couple of washes? You want to make your clothes last, and you wish to purchase items that can be paired up to create different outfits. Once you have that, go one step further and buy from shops that are sustainable and ethical. From material sourcing to packaging, check to see what your favorite stores are doing. Can you find this information on their website?

In most cases for the fast-fashion companies, this information is nowhere to be found. Don’t forget, you vote with your dollars. Consider supporting sustainable and ethical businesses that are being transparent with their production and packaging.

What are you wearing nowadays?

My everyday look is casual. When I have virtual meetings, I’ll change to business casual, but for the most part, comfortable workout clothes.

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